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Vanilla Dreams

Today most peoples heard about BDSM Theme. Images of Theme used in literature, music, games, movies, from comedies to the philosophical cinema. Latex “mistress” and shackled “slave” became a cliche. But with all of this, understanding of the Theme in the majority remain at a very superficial level, and the fantasies have little similarity to reality. Such people called “vanilla”.

In this series, I showed femdom by vanilla’s point of view. There is no real practices. There is no real submission. There is no classic B/W fetish. Here only vanilla’s secret dream “of something forbidden, but intriguing.”

Paul Leng

Vanilla Dreams: Bondage, BDSM, Paul Leng


Vanilla Dreams: FootFetish, BDSM, Paul Leng

Foot Fetish

Vanilla Dreams: Domestic Slavery, BDSM, Paul Leng

Domestic Slavery

Vanilla Dreams: WaterSport, BDSM, Paul Leng

Water Sport

Vanilla Dreams: PonyPlay, BDSM, Paul Leng

Pony Play